Disney Wonder (Social Media Update)

Disney Wonder (Social Media update).  This is different than the Disney Scoop, which is the motion Disney Cast Members learn, to pick up specks of trash without stopping.

I often wonder where I’d be right now if I’d been quicker to embrace social media.

Which naturally leads to wondering about businesses, if they wonder about what I wonder about.

The power to reach the masses grows exponentially as the Internet tools are mastered and maximized.

In keeping with the “Family” theme this month, you might be asking, “So what does this have to do with family”?

For starters, our son has written two blog posts from his first two days back at school. He’s a third-grader.

How many blog posts have you posted this week?

If your retirement plan is all locked and loaded from your company, you certainly don’t need any radical thoughts from jungle jeff on what the future might look like.

Then again, well, then again…….

Cd, jungle jeff 🙂

By jeff noel

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  1. Great post, as always, Jeff!
    As you know, I’m a Social Media believer. It is a shame that more businesses aren’t embracing it. However, in order to do it right, a whole new department would need to be created.
    Hey, look at that, job creation! Not a bad thing…
    In perusing the library, I came across a book that I now have waiting for me (in audiobook format) at the library. I can’t wait to check it out. It’s called Groundswell (https://blogs.forrester.com/groundswell/).

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