General George Patton

Just Say It
Just Say It

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”General George S. Patton

Looks good on paper; however, most people are too afraid to say what they mean.

And if they do say what they mean, they don’t say it like they mean it.

Too chicken.

Human nature. Pathetic.

And we complain and wonder why our life isn’t optimized.

By jeff noel

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  1. By nature people want to be liked. Tact is a skill that enables you to say what you mean without coming off as petty or jelous or mean or arrogant or vain. Moral courage and self confidence enables you to step up and state your beliefs.

    It takes a bit of skill to pull it all together…but I guess you understand this already or you wouldn’t be putting yourself on the line every time you addressed an audience.

  2. Skip, you share incredibly valid and insightful points. And it’s because of the things you mentioned that it’s so difficult and so important.

    There is no easy answer. After 50 years on our planet, isn’t it getting clearer that honesty is the best policy, especially with ourselves.

    Always with ourselves. Only then, after we’ve been brutal with ourselves, can we reach out with honesty and good intentions, knowing that others will find it painful.

    They don’t call them growing joys. They’re called growing pains. Ya with me?

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