Pants On The Ground

It’s time for a complete 180 degree turn from the jungle jeff “seriousness”. It’s time for complete nonsense and a laugh or two. You good with that?

Who doesn’t like to laugh?  Humans were born with certain predispositions. Laughing is near the top of everyone’s list.

Love or hate American Idol, it doesn’t matter to me.  I love it for a few compelling reasons, which aren’t listed here. And what started my loyalty to the show was Simon Cowell’s “brutal honesty”.

If for no other reason, we tuned in week after week to watch him be honest.  It was a time when I really needed a role model for “brutal honesty”.  Was desperate for it myself and didn’t know how to get it.

So, by watching Simon, we got to see the power – the magic – of brutal honesty.

I actually saw watching American Idol as leadership training. Most others saw it as entertainment.

Brutal honest is essential for world-class results.  You could see in the contestant’s eyes, and their body language that Simon’s feedback was the most important of all.

Even if it hurt.

These people were trying to be the best in the world.  The next ‘common person’ to sell millions of songs. Millions. Can you comprehend that?

Simon would say what everyone else was thinking but no one had the guts to say. This intrigued me. This motivated me. It also made me laugh.

By jeff noel

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  1. I have a video posted on my FB page that shows a kid from our church who got caught singing this song while in the shower. Priceless.

    Too bad this guy didn’t copyright this song. He could have made a ton of cash already. No price for him.

    A friend of ours was in line behind this guy in auditions. She didn’t make the cut adn had to go to another city’s audition. High price.

  2. David, thanks for your note. Small World that your friend was behind him in line. What are the odds.
    I had never heard of this song. Have a GREAT Friday. jeff 🙂

  3. God has blessed me beyond measure. In fact, he’s blessed all humans beyond measure. But we must have “eyes” to see.

    Therefore, without any disrespect, I cannot be the man. YOU are the man. 🙂

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